RCon Development Server

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Welcome to RCon Development Server.

With this tool developers for RCon-Tools (Administration Tools) for Battlefield 3 will be able to test their code against a running server, without any additional costs.

With great thanks to Codebetter.com I'm ablt to publish continuous builds of each change pushed to the repository. These builds can be found on the build server provided by Codebetter.com. (Be aware that they might not even run)

The last successful build can also be downloaded there.

Supporting the project


If anyone is interested in supporting this project, just contact me.

Another oppertunity is to look at the open issues, create a fork, fix it and request a pull. If it's a good job, it will find its way into the next release and you will become a team member.

Financial Support

If you'd like to support the work in another way, donations are welcome via PayPal.